The historic first-ever Karel Janeček Foundation’s  #třidvajedna dílna was a five-day accelerator that aimed at checking the business models of projects in their early stages. Out of 81 applicants, a final 10 projects were selected that deal innovatively with a social issue in the field of education or civil society mobilization. In the autumn, the programme will continue with an investment preparedness lab.
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What we did:
The first two days comprised a very intensive workshop focused on Lean Canvas and prototyping under the direction of Juraj Kováč, the man behind the StarteR! Programme. They dealt with issues such as: Who are my customers? What problems do they have? Are customers willing to pay for a product? Why is my product/service good for customers? How quickly can a prototype of my product or service be created and tried out?  Participants found out the answers to these questions during discussions with potential customers… Petr Jezevec Pouchlý from Court of Moravia got the participants ready for meetings with mentors. The final workshop led by Zdeněk Hornych, the founder and CEO of the company SOCIFI focused on financial and strategic planning.

The entrepreneurs :
Platform for Better Cities – reSITE
Timetable for a Child’s Development – TechSophia
Methodological Courses for Experienced-Based Education –
Prázdninová škola Lipnice
We’re Opening the Doors to Education – JOB – spolek pro inovace
Donate a Fruit Tree! – Na ovoce
Go Outside! – Sdružení Tereza
Edumap – EDUin


Experienced mentors devoted their time to participants at the #třidvajedna workshop.

They included Google programme manager Daniel Franc, the founder of the companies Adler and Liftago Martin Hausenblas, the executive director of Czech Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, the private investor and co-owner of Albatros Media, Silke Horáková, the founder of the Rekola system of shared pink bikes, Vítek Ježek, the chairman of the board of directors of the company RSJ, Libor Winkler, the co-founder of the company Pragulic, Tereza Jurečková, the founder of Zdeněk Hornych, the head of KISK Petr Škyřík, Zdeněk Štěpánek a lecturer with the Libchavy Coaching Academy (Koučink akademia Libchavy), and the coach and consultant Milan Pařil.

“We are very positively surprised,” said Martin Hausenblas, a mentor for the #třidvajedna workshop. “The representatives of the selected projects came to the #třidvajedna workshop with a raw idea and in the course of the mentors’ day their ideas and opinions began to change. The #třidvajedna workshop is a very commendable achievement. If Karel Janaček sticks with this initiative, then there is nothing else for the Czech Republic to do than become another Silicon Valley. If something like this existed when I was starting out, I would be a lot further along than I am today.”

The Problem

The early stages of a startup are marked with questions. Who is my customer? What problems do they have? Do I have a solution to their problems? What are they willing to pay? Will I be able to break even? An entrepreneur’s ability to quickly convert these questions into answers is one of the few characteristics that separates successful startups from failed ones. The problem is that few entrepreneurs know the rapid and systematic approach required to answer these questions. They go too slow, they focus on the wrong things in the wrong order, and they move forward without truly validating a business model.

The Lab & Curriculum

The Business Model Validation Lab is designed to do one thing: provide entrepreneurs with a step-by-step methodology to rapidly and systematically validate their venture’s business model. Entrepreneurs will:

Identify the foundational assumptions that underpin your venture.

Design and run experiments to validate / invalidate the foundational assumptions (through customer discovery and rapid prototyping)

Meet with mentors to get feedback and develop next steps.

Pipeline Partners

Pipeline Partners are organizations that help us find the entrepreneurs. They support entrepreneurs doing good in the world.

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