Ecuador 2015

Quito, Ecuador

The 2015 Ecuador accelerator was a five-day “Investment Preparedness” Lab hosted at Impaqto Quito. It was designed to prepare Ecuadorian impact-focused businesses with the tools necessary to take on capital (investment, debt, convertible notes, and grants) and scale their ventures.

Attending ventures included:

  • Cuestionarix is a venture that prepares young people for college entrance.
  • YPD Ecuador builds change agents to transform the education system.
  • Waykana promotes human energy and health through the Guayusa leaf and works locally with Indigenous producers in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Results: For most of our participants at the Ecuador Lab, this was the first time that they had an opportunity to learn about fundraising. They came in not sure of what to expect and they walked out of the lab with tools, resources and, most importantly, confidence and clarity on the next steps!

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This lab was made possible by these great supporters.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone to believed in us.


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