Unreasonable Angels

We are uniting a group of the world’s most Unreasonable Angels who believe that given the right support, entrepreneurs and their ventures can achieve earth-bending impact and tackle some of the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time. These Angels will be directly connected to vetted Unreasonable ventures and the entrepreneurs and teams leading them, their boards, and a hundred other co- & follow on- investors. These entrepreneurs are backed by a world-class network of support and have the goal of reaching at least 1,000,000 people.

Unreasonable Angels are a bit Unreasonable and that is a good thing.

We provide Unreasonable Angels…

  • Access to a stellar angel and investor network: The opportunity to build close relationships, share due diligence, and co/follow-on invest with other Unreasonable Angels and a network of highly unreasonable investors. For those serious about joining, we are happy to share with you who is involved.
  • Centralized, top-notch deal flow: Centralized access to an ever-growing pool of vetted entrepreneurs chosen from hundreds of applicants around the world each year. They’re trained by some of the best mentors in the world, supported by a world-class network, and will have built deep relationships with institutional impact investors (the Unreasonable Capital Partners).
  • Free VIP admission to the Unreasonable Launchpad:  Our main community event, typically in July ($150 value).
  • Free VIP admission to the Unreasonable Investor Days: Includes an Angels/Fellows only exclusive dinner and main Investor Days events to build relationships with, dive deep into the businesses of, and discuss deals with the Unreasonable entrepreneurs and a hundred angels and investors (typically after the Launchpad in July). The event has a $150 face value.
  • Dedicated staff member:  Our teammate Sara is here to help you find the deals that most excite you and align with what you are looking for. She is also here to help get you what you need to make sure you efficiently move to “yes” or “no” on investment choices.
  • Quarterly reports: Semi-Annual follow up reports on the entrepreneurs you’re most interested in.
  • (Optional) Profile on the Unreasonable Network: A profile alongside mentors like the former CTO of HP and alongside Capital Partners like the former Chief Investment Officer of Acumen Fund.  This is not a requirement.
  • The acclaimed title of Unreasonable Angel (how cool is that?)

We ask Unreasonable Angels to…

  • Be an accredited investor.
  • Commit to moving capital and taking risk on early-stage ventures in order to build up the space and give more qualified entrepreneurs a legitimate chance to create viable business models and a whole lot of impact.
  • Sign this pledge to loan/invest/donate at least US$5,000 in an Unreasonable Venture of your choice by no later than December 1st of that year for three consecutive years.  (This gives you a 7 month window to place investment in one of 80 Unreasonable ventures).
  • Join us as a special guest at Unreasonable Investor Days with a hundred other investors.

Become an Unreasonable Angel
Join this exclusive group of Unreasonable Angels. Please contact our VP of Venture Funding Sara Rodriguez at sara[at]unreasonableinstitute.org. She would be ecstatic to talk to you more about this program.

It’s an Honor
If you’re considering becoming an Unreasonable Angel, we can’t thank you enough. We strongly believe that we can’t afford to send the next generation of entrepreneurs into the world unprepared to tackle its greatest challenges. And these entrepreneurs won’t be prepared, no matter the size of their networks, no matter the mentorship they receive, if they don’t have the capital to breathe life into their ventures. For your willingness to give these entrepreneurs, who we believe are some of the most promising in the world, a chance to prove their solutions may one day define progress in our time, you have our deepest and most unreasonable thanks.

Have more questions?
Visit the Unreasonable Angels Frequently Asked Questions page or email our VP of Venture Funding Sara Rodriguez at sara[at]unreasonableinstitute.org.

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