Applications are Closed

The following characteristics did not influence your application:

An applicant’s name, age, gender, education level, and venture legal status were not visible to application readers. ┬áThese characteristics had no influence on your selection.

Common reasons why applications were not accepted into the interview round:

  • The applicant, their venture, or their team did not meet one or more of the eligibility requirements.
  • A social or environmental need was not clearly identified in the application. If it was, the applicant didn’t explain clearly why this need was urgent and important to address.
  • The applicant did not have any direct interaction or first-hand experience with the target market / customer base.
  • The proposed solution did not address the root cause of the need described by the applicant.
  • The applicant did not clearly define his / her customers.
  • The applicant did not provide evidence or a logical argument for why his / her proposed solution would actually meet the needs of his / her customers.
  • The applicant did not clearly explain the tangible outcomes and key metrics of his / her proposed solution.
  • The applicant did not have relevant entrepreneurial / leadership experience.
  • The applicant’s team did not have the concrete skills required to launch the venture (e.g. a web-based social venture did not have a web developer).
  • The applicant did not have full-time teammates and did not have a compelling plan for acquiring them.
  • The proposed solution was charity-based or lacked a concrete plan for financial sustainability.
  • The proposed solution was not scalable.

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