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Name Position Why to contact them.
Wisdom General Emails Wisdom at is our general email address. It’s best to email us here about anything and it will be routed to the right place, we promise!
Teju Ravilochan CEO Best person to contact for our global scaling plans, mentorship, funding the Unreasonable Institute
Tyler Hartung COO Best person to contact for to discuss funding Unreasonable Ventures (Unreasonable angels, funding events, Capital Partners) and corporate engagement with Unreasonable Ventures.
Verity Noble VP of Programming Best person to contact for anything related to the events, partnership, or support of the summer Institute in Boulder!
Banks Benitez Chief Entrepreneur Officer Best person to contact for mentorship, curriculum, and how Unreasonable delivers long-term value to entrepreneurs
Natasha Azizi Director of Selection and Partnerships Best person to contact for anything related to the application, selection process, and partnerships.
Facebook We won’t stalk you. Why can’t we be friends? Seriously. Let’s be friends.
Twitter @BeUnreasonable Sometimes to lead you have to follow. Follow us on Twitter.
Old school mail Send us mail and presents. Presents prefered. Unreasonable Institute
1877 Broadway, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302
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