Story of Impact:
Source International

Before Unreasonable

Flaviano Bianchini

Flaviano Bianchini

Flaviano Bianchini first learned about the devastating consequences of mining pollution when he was 23 years old at a conference in Italy. Yet he was shocked to discover that almost no research existed on the topic. So he packed his bags and spent almost a decade traveling through Latin America conducting the research himself. His findings garnered international acclaim.

With his data, Flaviano created Source International, which equips indigenous people to easily calculate how resource extraction affects their homelands and their health; this data can then be used to hold corporations accountable for their environmental impact.

As exciting as the company’s premise was, when Flaviano applied to the Unreasonable Institute Source International lacked a sustainable business model and was 85% reliant upon grants. If the company was going to survive the start-up stage and create change in the long-term, it needed a business model as impressive as the research behind it.

Unreasonable Difference

During the Unreasonable Institute, Flaviano developed the sustainable
business model necessary for Source International to scale.

  • Through workshops, mentorships, and investor connections, the Unreasonable Institute taught Flaviano how to effectively network, acquire funding, and create a strategic plan to ensure long-term financial viability.
  • While at the Institute, Flaviano built an incredibly close, supportive mentor team. Four Unreasonable mentors – Chet Tchozewski, Julie Imig, and Ed and Lauri Briscoe – are now on Source International’s Board of Directors. Flaviano speaks with them regularly and considers their guidance to be invaluable.
  • Unreasonable connected Flaviano with The Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation, which provided Source International with early grant funding. With this money, Source International was able make tremendous process, including: Creating a Human Rights Impact Assessment for a projected mine in the State of Puebla in Mexico. Creating a report outlining the damages done by the Cananea, Mexico, spill of August 2014.Beginning an environmental project in Valle de Siria in Honduras.Equipping herders in the Ovorkangai region of Mongolia to monitor water and dust pollution in their area.
  • Within just one year, the business model that Flaviano developed at Unreasonable reduced Source International’s dependency on grants from 85% to 40%.

Source International Today

Today, policy changes enacted as a result of Source International’s work have improved the lives of millions of people across Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Peru. The company has also recently expanded to Mongolia and increased its number of projects from 14 to 22. All the while, Source International continues to increase self-generated revenue, reducing its dependency upon grants.

Why Unreasonable?

In Flaviano’s own words, “The Unreasonable Institute has been super valuable. I would recommend it for everyone. The biggest value is the mentorship. Unreasonable will passionately involve such amazing people in your organization.”