The Nitty Gritty

Everything you need to know about running a Lab

Your Team Must Have

  • At least 3 core team members, who
  • Are able to work a combined 40 hours/ week for the 4 months leading up to the 5-day Lab
  • Have previous experience working together running events for entrepreneurs
  • Experience
  • Facilitating workshops for entrepreneurs
  • Delivering curriculum
  • Running events
  • Raising funds for an event
  • Managing a budget

Your Team Must Be

  • Proactively communicative, i.e. responds quickly to our communications and asks questions as needed
  • Willing to ask for help
  • Adept at prioritization
  • Aligned with Unreasonable Values
  • Resource magnetic
  • Plugged into the local ecosystem of entrepreneurship
  • Able to inspire & mobilize people, e.g. recruit and manage volunteers
  • Capable of quickly raising sufficient funds to run your program

Your Responsibilities Include

Recruitment + Marketing

You are responsible for marketing the Lab so as to recruit high-quality entrepreneurs, mentors, funders, staff, and key partners for your Lab.

Fundraising & Finance

You are responsible for fundraising for the cost of your Lab by reaching out to local funders/sponsors and to manage the budget and finances.


You are responsible for managing all logistics and operations for your Lab, including locking up a venue, arranging for food, organizing the team, lock up sponsorships, and manage the overall execution of the program.

Curriculum Delivery and Facilitation

You will be responsible for delivering and facilitate the curriculum of the Lab (don’t worry – we give you everything you need!).

Hours & Schedule

4 months leading up to the 5-day Lab: average 10 hours/ week/ team member
Week of Lab: 40-60 hours/ team member
Time for bi-weekly check-in call with HQ

How are Unreasonable Labs priced?

The standard price of an Unreasonable Lab is US$5,000. But we offer scholarships:

Why are labs priced this way?

We want Labs to be financially accessible for everyone, so we don’t want cost to prevent any team from running a Lab. But we recognize that teams in different countries, circumstances, and stages have different abilities to pay, which is why we are willing to offer various scholarship levels for teams that cannot afford the pay the full amount.

From Unreasonable Institute’s perspective, we want to price Labs at a level that covers our costs to develop content, recruit and select teams, and then support them (including, where possible, traveling to the Lab to observe your team deliver the Lab). We can assure you that we’re not getting rich off of running Labs – we’re just trying to be fair for everyone involved.

How much will my team have to pay?

We expect your team to pay US$5,000, unless you believe that your team deserves to be considered for a scholarship. It is the sole discretion of the Unreasonable Institute team to award scholarships based on the following factors:

  • Your organization’s ability to pay and/or ability to attract resources to pay
  • The market in which you are operating
  • How many scholarships we are able to give out per year

Do not let this hinder your team from applying. If your team is selected to run an Unreasonable Lab, we will have a conversation about scholarships.

Is your team interested in having an Unreasonable HQ team member train your team in person?
Email Emily Eggers for more information.

The Lab & Curriculum

The Business Model Validation Lab is designed to do one thing: provide entrepreneurs with a step-by-step methodology to rapidly and systematically validate their venture’s business model. Entrepreneurs will:

Identify the foundational assumptions that underpin your venture.


Design and run experiments to validate / invalidate the foundational assumptions (through customer discovery and rapid prototyping)


Meet with mentors to get feedback and develop next steps.

Daily Schedule

The curriculum of the Lab oscillates between in-classroom workshop time and in-market customer interaction time.

  • Connector.

    Day 1

    Starts with orientation and workshop on assumption mapping in the morning. The afternoon is spent interacting with target customers.

  • Connector.

    Day 2

    Starts with a workshop in the morning on how to rapidly prototype. In the afternoon entrepreneurs will physically build a prototype.

  • Connector.

    Day 3

    Starts with a workshop on how to build powerful, long-term relationships with mentors, funders, and partners. In the afternoon, entrepreneurs spend time validating cost assumptions.

  • Connector.

    Day 4

    Mentor Day Part 1! 10-15 mentors will attend the Lab to work directly with entrepreneurs. The afternoon is dedicated to strategic planning.

  • Connector.

    Day 5

    Mentor Day Part 2! Entrepreneurs will meet with even more mentors after their reflection the previous day. The afternoon builds momentum and concludes the Lab.

Tangible Outcomes

By the end of Lab entrepreneurs will have something to show for their work. They will have:

  • Learned a repeatable methodology for how to do customer discovery
  • Built 2-3 prototypes of a key element of their venture
  • Tested prototypes with real customers
  • Learned how to build and maintain mentor relationships
  • Met and received feedback from 10-12 world-class mentors
  • Conducted a break-even analysis of their business and identified the key cost and financial assumptions of their business
  • Built out a basic budget and financial model
  • Created a 6-month operating plan