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Living in: Boulder, CO — United States

VP of Fellows & Alumni (2011 - 2013)

I believe that for the first time in human history we have the real opportunity, the tools and the will to end our world’s most pressing problems. We’re at an inflection point, and what we do over the next decades can lead to a just, sustainable future or it can mean utter failure. We get to choose.

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"Work is love made visible."

Tell us your Unreasonable Story?

Note: I had the honor of serving on the Unreasonable team from 2011-2013, for which I am deeply grateful.

My story: By the age of sixteen, I had lived in 11 cities on 4 continents, experienced our world’s amazing cultural richness, and witnessed wealth, poverty, privilege and prejudice. I felt fundamentally uneasy about the world we live in but without a clue as to my role in creating change.

So instead, I chose to focus on things I did know, and armed with a computer engineering degree from Caltech, I started my career writing code for tech startups, then mammoths like Nissan and the US Army. In my free time I yearned for meaning, and spent hours reading the stories of Muhammad Yunus, Paul Polak, Ingrid Munro, and Jessica Jackley.

I felt inspired to start a social venture helping low-income Peruvians finance the construction of new, safe homes. Through this work, I landed a spot in the inaugural class of the Unreasonable Institute and within the first week there, I knew I had found my place in the Universe.

For the first time I understood what problems I wanted to work on and who I wanted to work with. This path eventually led to joining the Unreasonable team full time.

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