Eric Lombardi Mentor 2014....

Living in: Boulder, Colorado USA — United States

  • - Executive Director of Eco-Cycle International
  • - Co-Founder, National Grassroots Recycling Network
  • - Co-Founder, Global Zero Waste International Allian
  • - Named 1 of the Top 100 USA Recyclers by White House
  • - Co-Founder, National Nonprofit Recyclers Council
Impact: Government & Civic Engagement, Energy & Clean Technology,...
Geographic Interest: Global
Expertise: Branding, Business Strategy / Planning, Entrepreneurship,...
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Photo of Eric Lombardi

"Created the largest community-based Zero Waste Organization in the US"

Describe yourself briefly.

Eric Lombardi has recently become the Executive Director of Eco-Cycle International (Eco-I) after 24 years running Eco-Cycle, the largest community-based Zero Waste organization in the United States. Eco-I is bringing the Eco-Cycle approach to Zero Waste Community Building to the world through online resources. Lombardi has worked internationally for many years, and is now going to reach far more people with the Zero Waste vision by using cyberspace.

Lombardi was invited to the Clinton White House in 1998 as one of the Top 100 USA Recyclers, he co-founded and served as the Board President of the national GrassRoots Recycling Network (, and is co-founder of the global Zero Waste International Alliance ( He served from 1997-2004 on the National Recycling Coalition's (NRC) Policy Work Group, and was an executive Board member of the NRC from 1991-1995. In 1992, he co-founded the U.S. National Nonprofit Recyclers Council.

With an advanced degree from Washington University (St. Louis) in Technology and Human Affairs, he has been at the forefront of where society, technology, and business come together to bring beneficial change to all the stakeholder

Describe why you are an Unreasonable Mentor.

I have been acting as a "sparkplug for change" for my whole career, and understand how one person can make a big difference in a community. I want to help support other sparkplugs from around the world become more effective in their work.

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