George Deriso Mentor 2015....

Living in: Boulder, CO — United States

  • - Professor of Entrepreneurship at Leeds School
  • - Long time Unreasonable mentor and cheerleader
  • - Over a decade at Apple Computer, plus 9 start-ups
  • - World traveler, dual citizen, startuppity fellow...
  • - Board of Directors, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship
Impact: Education & Literacy, Enterprise Development, Human...
Geographic Interest: East Asia and Pacific, Europe, North America, South...
Expertise: Board Development, Business Strategy / Planning, Engineering,...
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Photo of George Deriso

"Making business fun..."

Describe yourself briefly.

I've always loved gadgets. My folks didn’t often like me taking apart their watches, TVs, appliances, and electronics just to see what made them work, but when I put them back together they worked better.

After 6 years at AT&T, I knew what NOT to do. So, I left to work with startups. Two failed startups later I learned I had no grasp on entrepreneurship, so I resigned to working for a larger company again. I spent over a decade at Apple, a company that applied structure to entrepreneurship–and learned more than I could've imagined.

Six startups later I now spend my time working with and teaching entrepreneurs in a well-known business school. I help startups and coach founders and leaders. My life is about my passions: technology, teaching, entrepreneurship and startups. As a consultant and member of many boards, I bring years of experience to solving intractable problems.

I’m lucky to have worked with companies worldwide. My students and clients call me insightful, experienced, and knowledgeable. They refer me to others and welcome me back when they need help. I’ve raised capital, sold companies, negotiated strategic deals, filled strategic gaps, and improved client businesses.

Describe why you are an Unreasonable Mentor.

I have a profoundly compelling desire to spend my time working with and finding ways to support smart, creative and courageous people who have the ideas, passion and strength required to save the world!

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