Jed Emerson Mentor 2012

Living in: New York City, New York and Lake Granby, Colorado — United States

  • - Executive Vice President at ImpactAssets
  • - Senior Advisor with the Sterling Group (Hong Kong)
  • - Founding Director of REDF
  • - Founding Board Member of Pacific Community Ventures
  • - Senior Fellow with the Center for Social Investing...
Geographic Interest: Global
Expertise: Business Strategy / Planning, Entrepreneurship, Finance,...
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Photo of Jed Emerson

"I help organization and asset owners maximize performance thru optimizing financial social and environmental returns"

Describe yourself briefly.

Jed is a widely recognized, international thought leader on impact investing, performance metrics and sustainable finance. As originator of the term "blended value," he has spent over two decades exploring how capital investment strategies may be executed to create multiple returns. He has held appointments at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford business schools and has written extensively on impact investing, social return on investment, and related areas. He is co-author of the book, Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making A Difference the first book published on the topic of impact investing.

As founding director of both Larkin Street Services and the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF), a founding board member of Pacific Community Ventures, as well as the first senior fellow at Generation Investment Management among numerous other appointments, he has spent a career helping expand capital options for both asset owners and those seeking appropriate forms of capital investment.

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