Jane Miller Mentor 2014....

Living in: Boulder, CO — United States

  • - President/CEO: Charter Baking (Rudi's Bread)
  • - Former President HJHeinz UK/Ireland division
  • - Advisory Board: Deming Center for Entrepreneurship
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Photo of Jane Miller

"Make sure that what you believe in is worth working for."

Describe yourself briefly.

Jane is currently the President and CEO of Charter Baking Company, the bakers of Rudi’s Organic, a company that employs 300 people with $80 million in annual sales.

Previously, she was part of an executive team that successfully developed the bankruptcy emergence plan for Interstate Bakeries where 26,000 jobs were at stake. Additionally, Jane has served as President of the UK & Ireland division of the HJHeinz Company, overseeing $1.5 billion in revenue. She began at Heinz in 2004 as Chief Growth Officer, responsible for global sales and marketing and management of the Wal*Mart account. In 2000-2002, she ran the Western Division of Bestfoods Baking Company. She started at PepsiCo in 1984 in marketing and transitioned into general management.

She has a BA in Russian Studies from Knox College and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

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