Jigar Shah Mentor 2013....

Living in: Washington, DC — United States

  • - CEO: Carbon War Room
  • - Former Founder/CEO: SunEdison
  • - Formerly in Business Development at BP Solar
Impact: Energy & Clean Technology, Environment & Climate
Geographic Interest: North America
Expertise: Finance, Fundraising, Raising Capital, Management,...
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Photo of Jigar Shah

"Futurist focused on promoting practical solutions to meeting 100% of all incremental energy from Renewables by 2012"

Describe yourself briefly.

Executive with broad experience in all aspects of the renewable energy industry. Focused on distributed energy, solar, small wind, and fuel cells. Direct experience with solar manufacturing strategy, procurement, finance, accounting and venture capital. Interested in "disruptive" companies in solar, electric vehicles, as well as companies “on the bubble”. Very much interested in "turn-around" opportunities.

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