Kim Scheinberg Mentor 2012....

Living in: New York, NY — United States

  • - Wife
  • - Mother
  • - Editor
  • - Not necessarily in that order
Expertise: Story Telling
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"An editor of both words and ideas."

Describe yourself briefly.

I am an editor of both words and ideas. There is little I enjoy more than helping people explore & refine their thoughts in new and interesting ways. I have a knack for finding talents in people that they didn't know they had, and helping them exploit the ones they already recognize.

I try to edit myself just as rigorously. I welcome any opportunity to re-examine my convictions, even my most deeply-held ones. I am quick to update my beliefs & practices in the face of new evidence, & seek out the company of those who can hold two contrary positions at once.

I think that sometimes the best way to change the world is by intervening in the lives of people who will. My experience has convinced me that age does not confer wisdom, that great thinkers come in all shapes and sizes, and the greatest ideas are the ones that cross boundaries of generations, disciplines, & beliefs.

I am always looking for more role models for my kids.

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