Pascal Finette Mentor 2013....

Living in: San Francisco, CA — United States

  • - Portfolio Manager,
  • - Director of Mozilla Labs & WebFWD
  • - Venture Partner at FoundersLink
  • - Head of Platform Solutions Group at eBay
  • - Lots of startups...
Impact: Enterprise Development, ICT & Digital Inclusion, Media,...
Geographic Interest: Europe, North America
Expertise: Board Development, Branding, Business Strategy / Planning,...
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Photo of Pascal Finette

"I make you believe what you need to believe to achieve your full potential."

Describe yourself briefly.

I love technology and believe that the Internet is deeply impacting mankind. I got started on the Interwebs before there was a web browser, founded a couple of internet startups, led eBay's Platform Solutions Group in Europe, launched a consulting firm helping entrepreneurs with their strategy & operations, invested into early-stage tech startups, led Mozilla Labs, created Mozilla's accelerator program WebFWD and headed up Mozilla's Office of the Chair. I also created the non-profit organization Mentor for Good, the GyShiDo (Get Your S%#& Done) movement and publish the opinionated The Heretic newsletter. But most of all – I simply love to help others be their very best and make the world better.

Today I am a Portfolio Manager at, Google's strategic philanthropic initiative where we invest in best-in-breed organizations that use technology to literally change the world. I frequently speak and write about the magic which happens at the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology & global impact. And I love to work with entrepreneurs who are making things better.

Describe why you are an Unreasonable Mentor.

Entrepreneurs can and will change the world. And we have some really tough, interesting problems to solve.

So - better get to work. And I hope I can help you on your way.

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