Philip McKinney Mentor 2015....

Living in: San Francisco, CA — United States

  • - Former VP and CTO at Hewlett-Packard
  • - Contributing Columnist at Forbes
  • - Board of Directors at Computer History Museum
  • - Senior Vice President and founding CIO for Teligent
Impact: ICT & Digital Inclusion
Geographic Interest: Global
Expertise: Business Strategy / Planning, Engineering, Entrepreneurship,...
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"Focused on the How of creating killer innovations"

Describe yourself briefly.

Phil McKinney oversees the long-range technical strategy, research and development and innovation programs for Hewlett-Packed’s (HPQ) Personal Systems Group (PSG) as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Phil is recognized, through his worldwide speaking engagements, blog ( and weekly podcast ( as a leading authority on innovation and its impact on business, industries, economies and society. The San Jose Mercury News dubbed him the “chief seer“. CIO Insight named Killer Innovations as a “must listen” podcast.

Phil's also writes the column "The Objective" on The column is aimed at creators and users of technology (just about everyone at this point): the former, to help them come up with the next generation of not just cool but truly useful gadgets and systems; the latter, to help them to understand and get the most out of their precious technology budgets

Before joining HP, Phil was engaged in the day-to-day operational challenges as the Senior Vice President and founding CIO for Teligent, a global provider of fixed-wireless services.

Describe why you are an Unreasonable Mentor.

Phil shares his experience and expertise in a practice he refers to as “paying it forward”. He was the beneficiary of career impacting mentor and when asked how he could ever pay it back, his mentor said to “pay it forward”. The content on his blog and podcast is made available under a Creative Commons License..

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