Quayle Hodek Mentor 2014....

Living in: Boulder, CO — United States

  • - President, CEO: Renewable Choice Energy
  • - Founder: Zoom Culture
  • - Broke 150 yr old sales record at Southwestern Comp
Impact: Energy & Clean Technology, Environment & Climate, Media
Geographic Interest: North America
Expertise: Business Strategy / Planning, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising,...
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Photo of Quayle Hodek

"Finally, you have a choice in what types of energy production you support!"

Describe yourself briefly.

After breaking 150-year old sales records and being the top of 3,000 salesmen during a “summer job” at Southwestern Company, Quayle dropped out of college to found Zoom Culture, an early YouTube that turned out to be too early to make it. He then went on to found Renewable Choice Energy and has built it into one of the largest and most respected wind power providers in the US. In 2006 he secured two of the largest wind energy purchases ever in deals with Whole Foods and Vail Resorts. In 2008 he put together the first corporate sponsorship of a wind farm.

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