Ross Baird Capital Partner 2012....

Living in: Atlanta, GA — United States

  • - Executive Director, Village Capital
  • - Investment Analyst, First Light Ventures
  • - Adjunct Professor, Monterey Institute
  • - Research Consultant, Indian School Finance Company
  • - Marshall Scholar, Truman Scholar
Impact: Government & Civic Engagement, Education & Literacy,...
Geographic Interest: South Asia, Global
Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Raising Capital, Investment,...
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Photo of Ross Baird

"Bridging the investment gap between seed and growth stage ventures."

Describe yourself briefly.

Ross Baird directs First Light’s Village Capital initiative, a global experiment in seed-stage investment for social enterprises. Village Capital is a peer-selected investment fund currently being applied in pilots worldwide, including the Unreasonable Institute. He also assists the First Light team in building the FL investment portfolio by analyzing and recommending investment opportunities. He works closely with entrepreneurs to assist them in preparing for long-term financing by connecting them with the resources and knowledge they need to create strong business models and successful prototypes.

Before starting at First Light, Ross assisted in the establishment of the Indian School Finance Company, a for-profit social enterprise financing affordable private schools in Hyderabad, India. He completed his masters in Comparative Government as a Marshall Scholar at the University of Oxford, England. He graduated from the University of Virginia, where he was a Jefferson Scholar and a Truman Scholar. He has also started two civic participation initiatives, Vote From Home, which uses technology to motivate political participation, and Georgia PACE, a civic education program.

Describe why you are an Unreasonable Mentor.

I like building stuff. Unreasonable is an incredible opportunity to get incredibly exciting ideas and wonderfully passionate people from the innovation stage to the execution stage. There are very few places in the world that have this concentration of talent and passion.

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