Rafe Furst Angel 2012....

  • - Angel Investor: Accelerating Possibilities
  • - Co-Founder: Pick 'Em Sports
  • - Extensive travel around the world and US
  • - World Series of Poker Champion in Pot Limit Holdem
  • - Lots of great friends
Impact: Agriculture, Food & Nutrition, Education & Literacy,...
Geographic Interest: North America
Expertise: Board Development, Branding, Business Strategy / Planning,...
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Photo of Rafe Furst

"Possibility Accelerator"

Describe yourself briefly.

An entrepreneur, angel investor, and possibility accelerator, Rafe currently works on and advises many projects that involve technology and social entrepreneurship. He regularly blogs about Complex Systems on EmergentFool.com. Furst holds an M.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Symbolic Systems, both from Stanford University and began his career as an artificial intelligence researcher at the Kestrel Institute.

Describe why you are an Unreasonable Mentor.

I love watching and helping people reach their potential and fulfill their dreams.

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