Revi Sterling Mentor 2013....

Living in: Boulder, CO — United States

  • - Founding Director of CU Boulder's ICT4D Program
  • - Microsoft Research - gender and development
  • - U.N. GAID Advisory Board
  • - 2012 Women of Vision's Social Impact award
  • - Lives for fieldwork
Impact: Agriculture, Food & Nutrition, Government & Civic Engagement,...
Geographic Interest: Global
Expertise: Engineering, Management, Prototype Design, Social Impact...
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Photo of Revi Sterling

"Information and Communication Technology will transform the world!"

Describe yourself briefly.

Dr. Sterling is the founder and director of the first Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) professional master’s program in the United States, a program that places equal emphasis on technology, methodology, and development studies. Sterling also consults widely for the United Nations and other multilaterals, foundations and high tech companies. Previously, Sterling worked with Microsoft for 10 years where she spearheaded Microsoft Research’s efforts in gender equity in computer science. She has served on the leading gender and technology boards, and testified in front of the U.S. Congress. She moved into the field of ICTD to research the impact of technology on women’s empowerment in underdeveloped communities and specializes in creating custom hardware and software solutions for marginalized populations. Dr. Sterling has conducted longitudinal field projects in Africa, India, and South America; research and consulting in community readiness, field ethics, failure analysis, and gendered dimensions of technology and development. Dr. Sterling has expertise in program and curriculum design, evaluation, and cross-industry collaboration.

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