Vamsi Sistla Mentor 2015....

Living in: Seattle, New York City — United States

  • - CTO of OfferBoard - Private Placement Market Place
  • - Operating Partner at Laconia Capital Group
  • - Chief Technical Advisor at Clamour
  • - Unreasonable Angel
  • - American Society of Mensa
Impact: Education & Literacy, Human Rights & Social Justice,...
Geographic Interest: East Asia and Pacific, North America, South Asia
Expertise: Branding, Business Strategy / Planning, Engineering,...
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Photo of Vamsi Sistla

"Relationships & building value for them made me who I am!"

Describe yourself briefly.

I am an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, mentor and a friend. I focus on building value for my relationships and network. I am actively involved in various social and for profit ventures.

I value relationships and strive to create value for them!

Instrumental in building disruptive concepts and business models over the years.

Expertise include: IoT, 3D Printing, Marker Bots, Mobile Applications, Social TV, Connected TV, Curation, Big Data, Analytics, Gamification/Incentives, Sociology & Social Networks.

Describe why you are an Unreasonable Mentor.

I believe in value creation and good will. I have always focused on solving the hardest problems. I believe in doing what's right rather than by the book. I am unreasonable .....

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