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Guidance From World-Class Mentors

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Exclusive Access to Funders


Build Your Toolkit

You’ve got a business that’s creating impact. But you’re going to need hard skills and serious tools to take that impact to scale. You’ll walk out of the 2014 Unreasonable Institute with:

A plan for scaling by 10x, consisting of:

  • A set of robust, 3-year pro-forma financial projections,
  • A 3-year timeline, including annual goals that break down into quarterly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals so you know what you can do today to move toward scale, and
  • Performance metrics to help you keep track of whether or not you’re moving toward scale.

Powerful frameworks and methodologies, including:

  • How to rapidly prototype your product or service to maximize learning in the shortest period of time, as taught by Unreasonable Mentor Tom Chi (former User Experience Lead at Google X),
  • A business model canvas that distills the essence of your business and makes it much easier to share your business model with others,
  • Strategic planning frameworks that enable you to define success in the future and reverse engineer what you need to accomplish to get there,
  • Frameworks on hiring and firing, and
  • Frameworks on pitching your venture in the most persuasive way possible.

The ability to show funders you are ready for investment, including:

  • Knowledge of how to build strong investor relationships, as taught by Unreasonable Mentor Tom Suddes (who’s founded 19 companies, raised $1 billion, and coached other entrepreneurs to raise another $1 billion),
  • A format to receive due diligence questions from dozens of investors and respond to them in writing,
  • A Compelling Investor 2-Pager,
  • A strong term sheet to propose to prospective funders, and
  • Confident leadership of investor meetings at Investor Days, demonstrating your skills as a team leader.

Strong leadership and management skills, including how to:

  • Overcome internal barriers to unlock more of your own potential,
  • Make better decisions,
  • Avoid burn out,
  • More effectively run and manage meetings,
  • Deal with failure, and
  • Incorporate values and a positive culture into your organization.

Don’t Go At It Alone: Build a Diverse Global Network of Support

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Access to Professional Services: Zero-Gravity Entrepreneurship

You’re a small venture with limited resources and limited time, but you have big ambitions. How do you manage everything? Our goal is to surround you with professional service providers so you can outsource your most nagging problems to experts who know what to do. Then you can stay focused on what you’re best at. Need to update your website? We have developers who can help. Need to clean up your financial model and make it more aligned with your growth trajectory? We have financial modelers who can help. Need some time with a leadership coach? We’ve got one for you.

During the Institute, we will have “strike teams” of professionals on call who can help address common problems in your business. Think of it as “zero-gravity” entrepreneurship.

• Developers and Coders
• Financial Modelers
• Brand consultants
• Lawyers
• PR experts
• Leadership coaches

And the summer Institute is just the start. We’re creating a foundation of these professional service providers for all of our alumni, so you can join a global network of entrepreneurs who have exclusive access to ongoing experts and support.