East Africa Institute 2014 and 2015

Kampala, Uganda

UEA 2014: The first Unreasonable East Africa Institute, AND the first Institute to happen outside of Boulder! We worked with 12 companies from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania working across various sectors like health care, access to safe and clean drinking water, increasing incomes for small holder farmers and providing access to clean energy.

UEA 2015: In 2015, we worked with 9 companies from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. This was a year to strengthen all elements of our support, building off what we learned in our first year. Our 9 companies were operating in various sectors like health care, matching young people to jobs and increasing the incomes of small holder farmers.

Pineapple Photo

Photos courtesy of Unreasonable Media.

Venture Presentations

  • Ignitia (West Africa)
  • CoSchool (Columbia)
  • Koe Koe Tech (Myanmar)
  • Susteq (Kenya)
  • Get Up for Change (India)
  • Tonlé (Cambodia)
  • DoctHERS (Pakistan)
  • Open University West Africa (Ghana)
  • Resonate (Rwanda)
  • mDoc (Bangladesh)
  • Reap Benefit (India)
  • Lucky Iron Fish (Cambodia)

The Ventures

The Mentors

Here’s who joined us as mentors.

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This institute was made possible by these great supporters.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone to believed in us.


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