Global 2011

Colorado, USA

The grungy Unreasonable Mansion and most elements were the same this second year, but on average the cohort of ventures was a much later stage. We saw Liberians rehabilitating former child soldiers, Brazilians empowering local artisans, and Guatemalans using worms to make compost. See them all below.

There continued to be new “firsts” throughout the now 6-week (down from 10-week) program. For the first time we invited funders to come experience the Unreasonable Institute as “Capital Partners” (we now have over 500 Capital Partners). This led to funding for some Unreasonable Ventures.

This 2nd year showed that the Unreasonable Institute had staying power, but still left us hungry, knowing more impactful programs lie ahead.

Pineapple Photo

Photos courtesy of EcoFuel Africa, a 2011 venture turning local biomass waste into green charcoal.

Watch: Unreasonable TV Season II

  • Season 2 Trailer
  • Episode 1: Taking Flight
  • Episode 2: Making the Ask
  • Episode 3: The Calling
  • Episode 4: Growing Pains
  • Episode 5: Stacking Up
  • Episode 6: The Bridge
  • Episode 7: Time to Go

The Ventures

Watch: Venture Presentations

  • Solidarium (Brazil)
  • Malo Traders (Mali)
  • DayOne Response (Global)
  • Eco-Fuel Africa (Uganda)
  • Biosense Technologies (India)
  • ReWork, formerly Terrashift (USA)
  • Yo Reciclo (Mexico)
  • Wello (India)
  • Popinjay, formerly Bags for Bliss (Pakistan)
  • One Degree Solar (Kenya)
  • Cycle Chalao! (India)
  • One Earth Designs (China)
  • Byoearth (Guatemala)
  • IDEFOCS (Liberia)
  • Afroes Transformational Games (South Africa)

The Mentors


A huge THANK YOU to everyone to believed in us.

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