Global 2015

Colorado, USA

The Ventures

We welcomed our first ventures from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Rwanda.

Pineapple Photo

Photos courtesy of CoSchool, a 2015 Unreasonable Global venture that gives school students the opportunity to develop the critical character skills they need to be successful and become leaders in their lives.

Venture Presentations

  • Ignitia (West Africa)
  • CoSchool (Columbia)
  • Koe Koe Tech (Myanmar)
  • Susteq (Kenya)
  • Get Up for Change (India)
  • Tonlé (Cambodia)
  • DoctHERS (Pakistan)
  • Open University West Africa (Ghana)
  • Resonate (Rwanda)
  • mDoc (Bangladesh)
  • Reap Benefit (India)
  • Lucky Iron Fish (Cambodia)

The Mentors


This institute was made possible by these great supporters.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone to believed in us.

More About This Program

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